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Toronto’s Best Cake and Pie Shops


Toronto Best Cakes - Dufflet Chocolate Banana Cake

Chocolate Banana is one of the many flavours available from top Toronto cake shop Dufflet

There are few desserts that can match a good cake. Whether you’re celebrating, crying, coping or just plain craving, cake is a classic go-to treat. From weddings to weekend dinner parties and everything in between, there are so many reasons to indulge in a delicious piece of cake—or pie, if you prefer a bit more pastry with your slice of sweetness. These three businesses are among Toronto’s best cake and pie shops.

Best Toronto Shop for Cakes
Picture this: airy chocolate mousse sandwiched between layers of moist chocolate cake, then drizzled with milk chocolate and topped with dark chocolate curls. This chocolate mousse cake is just one of the decadent offerings available from Dufflet, this city’s cake maker of choice. Even if you’ve never been to one of the three Dufflet retail cafés in Toronto, there’s a good chance you’ve tasted one of “Queen of Cakes” Dufflet Rosenberg’s creations—she’s been baking them since 1975, and they’re now featured at restaurants across the city. In particular, the caramel dacquoise, with its alternating layers of delicate hazelnut meringue, whipped cream and caramel buttercream, is a staple on many a dessert menu.
• Dufflet, 787 Queen St. W., 416-504-2870, plus two other locations; dufflet.com
• Map and reviews

Best Toronto Shop for Cheesecakes
Like Dufflet, Carole’s Cheesecake Company has been whipping up decadent desserts for upwards of four decades in Toronto. Sure, the retail location is a bit out of the way, but it’s worth the trip; with dozens of cheesecakes (and some regular cakes, too) to choose from, you’re sure to find a favourite. One of the more indulgent items in Carole’s catalogue is the “Diamonds & Pearls” cake—lines of white chocolate make diamonds in a raspberry puree topping a red velvet cake, which, once cut, reveals layers of vanilla cheesecake. Carole’s cakes are also sold at downtown gourmet grocers like Pusateri’s and Whole Foods, so you’ll never be fare from your next creamy slice.
• Carole’s Cheesecake Company, 1272 Castlefield Ave., 416-256-0000; carolescheesecake.com
• Map and reviews

Best Toronto Shop for Pies
Perhaps you’re not in the mood for the sugar shock that a slice of cake—with its attendant icing and other layers of sweetness—often signifies. So why not bite into a delicious pie instead? Kensington Market stalwart Wanda’s Pie in the Sky produces some truly delectable desserts, like the black-bottom chocolate pecan pie, a gooey masterpiece with a chocolate shortbread crust, pecans and chocolate ganache. Feeling fruity? The Ontario sour cherry pie satisfies with an inimitable combination of sweet and sour. Wanda’s award-winning pies are served at a number of Toronto eateries, but what you really want to do is surround yourself with baked goodness at the retail café, the better to savour every morsel of flaky goodness. P.S. The bakery also offers a number of cakes, cookies, squares and more, should your sweet tooth require additional attention.
• Wanda’s Pie in the Sky, 287 Augusta Ave., 416-236-0018, wandaspieinthesky.com
• Map and reviews

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