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At Thompson Landry Gallery, Dominic Besner Conjures Surreality

Dominic Besner's Sombre dérive des victorieux (photo: Thompson Landry Gallery)

Dominic Besner’s Sombre dérive des victorieux (photo: Thompson Landry Gallery)

NOVEMBER 15 TO DECEMBER 3  Artist Dominic Besner mixes the familiar with the fantastic in his new exhibition, Humani ex Machina, on display at Thompson Landry Gallery. Real-life images meld and contort beneath multiple hues and textures; bleeding garish colours and delicate mythical elements leave you unsure whether these mixed-media scenes come from your most surreal nightmares or most whimsical fantasies. Adopting a lighter colour palette expressing “the metaphysical energy of society,” Besner explores themes of time and reality, of the “strange everyday machine” that pervades everyday life, and the unreality of an age where what’s “real” is constantly in flux, and therefore more difficult than ever to define.  —Sara Burnside Menuck

• Thompson Landry Gallery, Distillery Historic District, 416-364-4955; thompsonlandry.com
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