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The Need for Speed

Do you start humming Steppenwolf’s Born to Be Wild as soon as you settle into the driver’s seat of your decidedly tame minivan? Or perhaps you relish every mundane trip to buy milk because of the chance to better your record for getting to the store and back.

If you tend toward being a speed demon, check out the Bridgestone Racing Academy (905-983-1114, near Bowmanville, www.racef2000.com) at Mosport Raceway. Just one hour east of downtown Toronto (driving at the legal limit, of course), this racing school fulfills the turbo-charged dreams of diehard racing enthusiasts. In one day, you can go from in-class lessons on vehicle dynamics and racing lines to on-track driving sessions in which you’ll race in a nimble Reynard Formula 2000 open-wheel race car.

The Academy’s track is purpose-built for teaching. While extremely challenging, it is forgiving of beginners’ occasional lapse in steering judgement, with just one wall (to protect the pit crew), no guardrails and extra-wide expanses on either side of the track. President Brett Goodman credits this unique racetrack design, combined with thorough attention to safety, for the school’s impressive injury-free 21-year history.

The Bridgestone Racing Academy offers several appropriately named Thrill of a Lifetime courses that can be completed in just one day. The cost for one-day packages ranges from $565 for a morning of training and a driving session on the track to $1,290 for a full day of instruction with three exhilarating and progressively faster driving sessions. And while spin-outs are rare, you’ll be happy to know that there is no cost for any damage you might do to your car.—Andrew Wheeler

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