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Staff Picks: 10 Spook-tacular Costume Shops

Halloween approaches. Soon the streets will be overrun with zombies, witches, goblins and sexy nurses. Why not alter your ego as well? Whether you’ve got a unique disguise in the works or you’re happy enough donning Darth Vader’s mask, here are ten costume stores in the city that can set you up.

Perhaps you won't find these *exact* get ups, but Toronto's surprisingly abundant costume stores nonetheless have you covered for Halloween (photo by Alan Light)

Amazing Party Store
You’ll be able to dress up like just about anyone or anything at this Etobicoke store, nay, warehouse. A massive assortment of costumes, wigs, and hats are on hand, plus accessories like latex gorilla feet, elf shoes and pirate eye patches. Arrr! 923 Oxford St., 416-259-5959.

Candy’s Costume Shop
Costumes for adults, kids, and couples are all available at this Davisville shop. Whether you’re planning to go full-out with some Stormtrooper combat gear or want to take the easier, just-wear-a-Barack-Obama-mask route, Candy’s has you covered. 511 Mount Pleasant Rd., 416-487-5794.

It’s My Party
Kids and grown-ups can find full costumes at It’s My Party, and complete their look with accessories like Elvis wigs and lightsabers. And if you happen to be hosting a haunted shindig, they’ve got party supplies and balloons, too. 423 Danforth Ave., 416-469-2223.

Joy Theatricals
When a one-size-fits-most costume just isn’t good enough, Joy Theatricals is at the ready to create an intricate, custom-made, tailored getup—for a price, of course. Ready-made attire, like belly dancer and caveman outfits, are also for sale. 129 Davenport Rd., 416-964-6480.

Kids Costumes
True to its name, this store sells—you guessed it—costumes for kids up to age of 14. Selection ranges from the everyday to the fantastical, so outfits for doctors, fire fighters, wizards and fairies are all available. 539 Mount Pleasant Rd., 416-484-1940.

Malabar Theatrical Costumes
This company has been providing the city with dazzling costume creations—both for Halloween and the theatre scene—since 1923. Their outfits are available for rent or purchase, and though they carry weightier price tags than most, in return you’ll receive detailed, well-crafted garments. 14 McCaul St., 416-598-2581.

Party Packagers
Hundreds of full costumes are stocked at Party Packagers in the city’s northwest, and you can accessorize with a mask, hat, wig or makeup. The store also carries lots of decorations—like animated props, webbing, tombstones and even body parts—to spook-ify your party space. 39 Orfus Rd., 416-785-4035.

Value Village
Utilize this used-clothing chain to craft a costume on the cheap. Pair a plaid shirt with jeans and—boom!—you’re a cowboy. Track pants and a little league t-shirt—poof!—you’re a baseball player. If your creativity is dwindling, some stores carry ready-made costumes as well. 924 Queen St. E., 416-778-4818; plus other locations.

Theatrics Plus
Just north of Wellesley subway station, you’ll find this store loaded with Halloween-ready outfits and accessories. The selection is impressive—though it’s housed in a less-than sprawling space—and you can even top yourself off with a bit of costume jewelry or some faux facial hair. 658 Yonge St., 416-924-1263.

Theatrix Costume House
This costume store can set you up with a more decadent look, such as a rococo socialite or a medieval knight. Their elaborate stage costumes are available to purchase or rent, and an abundance of wigs, makeup and other accessories are also on offer. 165 Geary Ave. second floor, 416-977-3113.

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