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The Royal Ontario Museum Uncovers Treasures of Ancient Mesopotamia

This striding lion relief wall is one of the ROM's many Mesopotamian artifacts (photo: ROM)

This striding lion relief wall is one of the ROM’s many Mesopotamian artifacts (photo: ROM)

JUNE 22, 2013 TO JANUARY 5, 2014  Humanity’s journey from the cave to the city has its roots in Mesopotamia, an area encompassing present-day Iraq, as well as parts of Syria and Turkey. Here, the ancient Sumerian, Babylonian and Assyrian empires invented many of the touchstones around which modern society is organized—writing, law, trade—while presiding over a concurrent flowering of the arts and sciences. This summer, the Royal Ontario Museum offers serious insight into the region. Its landmark exhibition features more than 170 priceless pieces from the British Museum, plus artifacts from the ROM’s own collection, to show us just how much credit the cradle of civilization is due.  —Craig Moy

• Royal Ontario Museum, 100 Queen’s Park, 416-586-8000; rom.on.ca
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