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Nine of Toronto’s Best Views (and Photo Opportunities)


The view of downtown Toronto from Humber Bay Park West (photo: Craig Moy)

At street level, it’s easy to get a sense of Toronto’s busyness—its many packed restaurants, its workers hustling to and from their offices, its ever-present car traffic. What’s not always evident, though, is the megacity’s sheer scope. These prime vantage points and rooftop roosts show just how far the Big Smoke stretches.

1 In the city’s west end, Humber Bay Park East and West both afford wide-angle vistas of Lake Ontario and the city skyline. the conjoined parks’ many small spits are excellent for watching the sunrise.

2 The Thompson Hotel’s exclusive Rooftop Lounge overlooks the trendy King West ‘hood—and boasts an extensive patio and outdoor pool once the weather warms.

3 Stride the spiraling Walker Court staircase at the Art Gallery of Ontario and you’ll enjoy splendid sightlines directly down John Street to the lake. Naturally, there are also excellent views inside the museum!

4 It’s only on the second floor of the TIFF Bell Lightbox, but Luma restaurant is a great in-the-middle-of-it-all overlook from which to see the Theatre and Financial districts.


The Evergreen Brick Works boasts a lovely lookout (photo: Craig Moy)

5 An early-spring stroll on the Toronto Islands can be quite pleasant. They’re quieter overall, yet they still boast an absolute classic view of the city skyline—whatever the weather.

6 Of course you haven’t really seen Toronto without checking it out from the top of the CN Tower. On a clear day you can gaze across more than 100 kilometres in every direction. And if you’re daring enough, the tower’s EdgeWalk provides a windowless view!

7 Toronto’s elevation increases as you move north from the lake. For more than 30 years, diners have visited midtown’s Scaramouche for delicious French-inspired fare—and the memorable landscape where modern architecture mingles with verdant valleys.

8 The scenic lookout at the Evergreen Brick Works boasts the best easterly prospect of Toronto’s trees and towers. A walk up the hill—and then a few minutes’ rest—makes for a fitting end to a day of discovery at the environmentally oriented attraction.

9 The Scarborough Bluffs, a coastline escarpment in the city’s east end, is both a geological wonder and one of Toronto’s most unique sightseeing spots, overlooking a Lake Ontario as well as a network of parks, pathways and beaches.

—Craig Moy

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