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More Aboriginal Art Galleries

The Inuit are just one of the many indigenous groups that comprise Canada’s First Peoples. From British Columbia’s Nisga’a to the Mi’kmaq in the Atlantic provinces, these rich and distinct cultures are most accessible through their art. First Nations art can be found at a number of fine galleries.

Find totem poles, masks, sculptures, prints and more from the Haida, Iroquois, Woodland and others native peoples at Bay of Spirits. Works from Inuit, Cree, Mi’kmaq and other artists are also available.

Established in 1966, Yorkville’s Beckett Fine Art displays a select group of First Nations works, particularly those from the estate of Arthur Shilling. The gallery also represents historic and contemporary artists from Canada, the United States, Britain and Japan.

Though Canadian historical and contemporary art is the main attraction at Kinsman Robinson Galleries, it also has a large selection of works by renowned Aboriginal artist Norval Morrisseau, like Grandson Parents.

Native art is well represented at Maslak McLeod Gallery, which specializes in classic and contemporary sculptures, paintings and fine art by the Woodland, Haida, Inuit, Maritime and Plains peoples. Its roster of artists includes Roy Thomas, Norval Morrisseau and Floyd Kuptana.

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  1. Barbara Weir says:

    Actually, I am from Australia. DACOU provides artists with the highest quality canvas, paints, oils and brushes ensuring the longevity of each piece of work and where possible images of works in progress are captured and available for viewing.

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