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Many Mouths to Feed: Our 2011 Dining Guide


Many factors have contributed to the decline of so-called haute cuisine over the past number of years. The worldwide recession played its part, of course, but even before that, the stereotype of Michelin star-chasing chefs, snooty waiters and stuffy dining rooms had taken a beating. Though Toronto’s restaurant landscape has thus shifted toward the casual, a number of excellent eateries still manage the perfect mix of fine—very fine—fare and friendly yet discreet service.

Colborne Lane remains a standout in this category thanks to its restrained use of molecular-gastronomic techniques to create innovative taste and texture combinations. At the other end of the spectrum is One, where the simple ingredients—USDA Prime beef, fresh fish and more—speak for themselves. Venerable Scaramouche has trafficked in modern, French-influenced decadence for 30 years, while recent additions Aria and Scarpetta feature Italian flair in designer settings.

Foodies in the Entertainment District can find the distinctive upscale offerings of chef David Lee at lively Nota Bene or head to his former haunt, Splendido, where chef Victor Barry continues to serve up top-quality dishes with a farm-fresh philosophy.

Bonus: French Restaurants
Enjoy eating inspired by the country where fine dining was born.

  • Didier
  • Ici Bistro
  • La Societe
  • Loire
  • Simple Bistro

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