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It’s All in the (Eye) Frames

Choosing your eyewear can be difficult, particularly if you wear your eyeglasses daily. The frames need not only to complement your face shape, but to coordinate with your wardrobe and accommodate your lifestyle. (Imagine having only one pair of shoes that you had to wear every day, no matter what the outfit or the occasion, whether it be a business meeting or a weekend hike.)

We asked Amin Mamdani, director of Josephson Opticians, for some tips on choosing the right frames.

How does one determine the appropriate frame shape for their face?
There are three keys when choosing a frame: The frame should contrast with the face shape and it should emphasize your best feature. The frame size should be in scale with the face size.

How much of a consideration should the colour of your frames be?
If an individual is selecting only one pair, it is best to select a neutral coloured frame that will work with everything. The new trend in eyewear is laminated colours. The neutral or balance colour is on the front of the frame and a contrast patterned print is on the back. One should consider the skin tone, hair colour, and especially the eye colour since those are somewhat constant colours on the face.

What are the new trends in eyewear?
Texture is in—solid wood arms, genuine buffalo horn, leather finishes, Swarovski stones, etc. Women should consider shapes that are more feminine and less unisex, such as an upsweep angle following the cheekbones, and colours such as red, eggplant or lime green. For men, metallic blues, blacks and greys tend to come in matte finishes to give subtlety.

What are some tips for parents shopping for eyeglasses for their kids?
Select frames that are durable, comfortable and lightweight. And most of all, get the child involved as they’ll enjoy wearing them and will keep them on.

What are some tips for visitors on how to maintain their eyewear once they have returned home?
Have the frames evaluated every six to eight months for an overall assessment. Ask for recommendations of opticians in your city who can service your frames. Specifically at Josephson’s, frames may be shipped back to Toronto for repairs.—Linda Luong

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