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Hot Dining: Dishcrawl Takes Your Taste Buds on Tour

Dishcrawlers await their entrees at the Rosedale Diner

Toronto’s dining scene is so vast that it can be difficult to find your culinary bearings during a short stay. A good tactic is to focus your eating efforts on a single neighbourhood. Dishcrawl can help. The social dining experience curates guided tours through four restaurants in one night, offering an excellent opportunity to sample dishes from locally favoured establishments while getting to know a flock of friendly foodies. A recent stroll in the Rosedale area, for example, featured the likes of Italian eatery Quanto Basta and eclectic Rosedale Diner. One can only guess which spots will be featured in the scheduled September 26 spin around the Church-Wellesley Village—the destinations aren’t revealed until the day of the tour. A single fee, typically between $60 and $80, reserves your seat at each restaurant. You need only bring a smile, an appetite and an open mind. Click here for more information and to register.

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