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Hot Art: Words That Bind at Olga Korper Gallery

Donovan & Siegel’s “Landscape” installation is just one of the artists’ new works at Olga Korper Gallery

AUGUST 25 TO SEPTEMBER 29  Artistic duo Hallie Siegel and Matt Donovan have made their names creating high-concept sculptural artifacts that are inspired by the past but also thoroughly modern. The latest in their ongoing series of “history machines” are now featured at Olga Korper Gallery, and employ text-based practices to make connections between sculpture, painting and printmaking. An installation titled Landscape, for example, suspends seemingly random words in space—but when viewed from a particular perspective they reveal a full, perfectly justified paragraph. Or examine a trio of cylinders that, when rolled, print poems without beginning or end—evoking the ways in which the past, present and future are unified, and how ideas tend to resurface over and over again.

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