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Hot Art: The ROM Reveals Maya Secrets

Stone relief of Kan Joy Chitam, ruler of the Palenque city-state from 529 to 565 CE (© Conaculta-INAH, Javier Hinojosa)

NOVEMBER 19 TO APRIL 9 From a sophisticated writing system to an outsized pantheon of gods, incredible architecture to ingenious agricultural methods, it would seem that the Maya had it all. Though centuries of conquest and colonization—and perhaps other, more mysterious forces—precipitated decline, the Royal Ontario Museum shows that the civilization remains a fascinating example of early Mesoamerica’s cultural, political and scientific richness. Focusing on the Classic Period of Mayan history, from 250 to 900 CE, the blockbuster exhibition Maya: Secrets of Their Ancient World assembles almost 250 stunning artifacts that reveal the connections between a highly developed people and the world in which they thrived.

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