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Hot Art: Revealing Elements

Srinagar Stopover is part of Michael Adamson's Moore Gallery show

MAY 1 TO 29 The question of lineage runs through the works of Michael Adamson, long acclaimed for his colourful grid-like paintings that recall pioneering abstract-expressionists like Nicholas de Stael and Hans Hoffman. The Toronto-based artist’s latest series, displayed at Moore Gallery under the title Distant Relations, presents an exciting evolution to his aesthetic. Paintings such as Srinigar Stopover introduce to his canvasses a more frenetic gestural dynamism that’s thoroughly modern yet influenced by myriad predecessors: Jean-Paul Riopelle, for example; even hints of Tom Thomson. These striking new images also allude to Adamson’s abiding interest in patterns, textures and colour harmonies—concerns that unite painters across time and genre, and that continue to be advanced by present-day artists who are both forward-looking and aware of their historical inheritance.

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