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Hot Art: Inuit Imagery

Drummer, by Feheley Fine Arts artist Idris Moss-Davies

Excellent artworks produced in Canada’s northern communities are available at top Toronto galleries.

1. For sheer volume, it’s hard to beat Eskimo Art Gallery, which offers more than 1,000 contemporary Inuit carvings.

2. Yorkville’s Feheley Fine Arts represents progressive printmakers like Itee Pootoogook and sculptors such as Idris Moss-Davies, whose works reflect a modern aesthetic.

3. The Guild Shop, the retail boutique of the Ontario Crafts Council, is the province’s oldest dealer of Inuit and Native art, with many carvings, paintings, tapestries and even Inuit jewellery.

4. The striking sculptures of Floyd Kuptana are featured prominently at Maslak McLeod Gallery alongside numerous classical Inuit carvings.

5. Like what you see amongst the extensive collection at the Museum of Inuit Art? Its adjoining commercial gallery sells sculptures, prints and more, sourced directly from Arctic cooperatives.

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