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Hot Art: Illusionary Ceramics at the Gardiner Museum

Greg Payce's The Customs and the Spirit of the Nations: Occident (courtesy of the Gardiner Museum)

FEBRUARY 2 TO MAY 6 Remember those books of optical illusions you’d stare at as a kid? You know, the ones with the “impossible” Penrose staircase and Necker cube, or the Rubin vase, where faces could be seen in the negative space surrounding an object? Alberta-based artist Greg Payce has been exploring the latter illusion for years in his colourful ceramic works, many of which are currently on display at the Gardiner Museum. When the vessels are properly aligned, the viewer’s eyes are drawn not only to Payce’s intricate craftsmanship, but also to illusory human forms. Adding a further dimension to his concept, Payce also presents large-scale lenticular photos of some of his works.

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