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Get Inside: How to get tickets for the Toronto International Film Festival

BOX OFFICES Main box office: Manulife Centre, main level. Festival box office: College Park, south entrance, market level. Box offices open at 7 a.m. Available as of September 6, tickets cost $14.86 to $18.63, and gala tickets are $25 to $34.91.
Phone Call 416-968-FILM. You can order tickets even on the day of the film and pick them up at a box office.
Cinemas One hour before screenings, each theatre places remaining tickets on sale. Even if a show is “sold out,” you might catch a break. Join the rush tickets line at the theatre and keep your fingers crossed. If there are empty seats before the lights go out, staff will release those tickets.

For the full scoop on this year’s Toronto International Film Festival, see Screen Scene.

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—Robert Maurin

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