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Behind the Scenes With Luminato’s CEO: Behind the Scenes

Luminato CEO Janice Price is no stranger to the international arts festival scene. She’s held a similar post at the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts in New York and most recently served as President and CEO of The Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts in Philadelphia. Price shares her excitement about the festival that she’s helped bring from dream to reality in seven short months.

How it came to be…
“Luminato was the brainchild of David Pecaut [Voluntary Chair of the Toronto City Summit Alliance] and Tony Gagliano [Executive Chairman and CEO of St. Joseph Communications]. They had not met before, but each in their own civic and business circles had been expostulating this idea of an international arts festival that celebrates what makes us a great city—the arts and our diversity.”

The festival lineup….
“There’s so much going on. Art is going to take over the city for 10 days. It’s overwhelming and that is of course what is going to make it unique. While it’s happening, it’ll feel like there’s this energy in the city … People won’t have to elect to come to an event. They are just going to be surrounded.”

She’s excited about…

L’Art Boat: “On the boat will be music and art, and from the boat you will see art that has been installed along the waterfront.”

Floating Artworks: “This is museum-caliber work which was amazingly curated by Bruce Ferguson, who’s head of contemporary art at the AGO … As you go through Union Station to see a baseball game, you are going to see these magnificent helium horses—the work is called ‘Quadringa’ and it’s by Canadian artist Max Streicher.”

Carnivalissima: “The closing weekend at Harbourfront is going to transform that location. The programming has tremendous integrity, representing different carnival traditions from around the world … And the big parade on Sunday afternoon—that’s going to be really amazing.”

Philip Glass and Leonard Cohen: “Here’s the thing that happens at festivals that just doesn’t happen with a concert or event: in festivals, what happens is you have collaborations like Cohen and Glass doing a world premiere work together. For the lecture on the Saturday afternoon—I swear, these tickets are going to be on eBay for $1,500.”

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—Flannery Dean

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