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Behind-the-Scenes of a Photo Shoot

The holiday season starts in July for us at Where. Yes, July—really. While most people are thinking about the beach, ice cream and the best patio for a sipping cold one, at Where we are thinking about what will be wrapped under the tree this December. So, on 40-degree days, with thoughts of snow dancing through our heads, we are scouring the city for the special, beautiful and impressive gifts you’ll want to give to your family, friends and colleagues. (Shopping as part of your job description—does it get better than this?)

The hard job isn’t in finding amazing items for our gift guide. The hard job is in narrowing down our wish list to showcase the best of the best. So, you’ll see 76 things that make us ooh, ahh, and yes, we admit it, even drool over. We ourselves hope to find some—or all—of these items gift-wrapped beneath our trees this year. (For more about what the Where Toronto team covets, please see “All We Want for Christmas.)

September 27 and 28, 2007: Photo shoot days. It takes six of us to transport the items we will need for shooting to the studio of freelance photographer Luis Albuquerque. That is a lot of people and a lot of stuff!

The hard work for Where‘s editors—choosing the items—is done. Now it’s up to the stylist and photographer to bring the items to life.

Like all people who are good at their jobs, our stylist Wilson Wong makes being a stylist look easy. Some of the items we were thinking would be hardest to present were the very items that Wilson makes shine with one simple gesture, such as turning an item on its side. And just when we all think we can be stylists, too—”That Louis Vuitton belt will look great coiled in a circle with the name prominently displayed in the middle”—Wilson surprises us all by draping it over the Rene Caovilla boots.

While Wilson is polishing, ironing and stuffing things to help them maintain their shape, Luis is busy ensuring that there is sufficient lighting and that the final image will leave us with enough room to write our text.

While we knew that the stylized images would look fabulous in our magazine, but when put online into a small box, it was obvious that the smaller items would appear barely the size of an ant. And as we loved all of the items so much and searched painstakingly for each one, we wanted the ability to share them individually. So our assistant art director—and resident photographer extraordinaire—worked his magic at the opposite end of the studio, taking pictures of each item after Luis and Wilson had finished with it.

… So now that the holiday gift guide is done, we are busy thinking about what you’ll want to get your beloved for Valentine’s Day.

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—Linda Luong

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