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8 Top Cocktail Spots

1 At Pravda Vodka Bar, you can venture beyond the ubiquitous Grey Goose invasion: the recently renovated digs cater to vodka connoisseurs looking to savour a massive international selection from Finland to Poland and, of course, Russia.

2 Roof Lounge (Park Hyatt, 4 Avenue Rd., 416-324-1568) is celeb central during September’s film festival, but with bartender Joe Gomes behind the bar—he’s been slinging favourites like mojitos loaded with fresh mint for five decades—you’ll be sure to get A-list service.

3 Jay-Z picked the swanky Lobby for his bachelor party, but mere mortals can party like hip-hop royalty, too, with $25 martinis such as the XO Diamond Cut made with either vodka or gin, and lined with Remy XO Cognac.

4 Pronounced “low key,” Loki Lounge gives the impression that a posh French salon has been taken over, the lights dimmed and a DJ put in the place of a butler. Bottle service is the way to snag prime banquette seating; the most popular choice is Grey Goose on ice with all-you-can-drink mixers of OJ, Sprite, soda and cranberry.

5 Its five-star dining aside, check out the luxurious bar at Senses for foodie-approved mixtures like The Affair, a virtual explosion of pomegranate with U’luvka vodka and lychee.

6 Get a taste of modern Moroccan decadence at The Foundation Room and go for the heady Mantini, a mix of Makers Mark bourbon, Grand Marnier, fresh lime and white cranberry juice.

7 Now that the big-screen release of Sex and the City has smashed the box office, there’s no doubt the Cosmo will make a resurgence. For an upgrade, head to Lo’la Martini Lounge (7 Maitland St., 416-920-0946), which boasts more than 140 martinis, like the biting Sex with an Alligator, a mix of Malibu, green melon liqueur, Jägermeister, pineapple juice and Chambord.

8 If you’ve ever been camping, chances are you’ve spilled vodka into a watermelon and eaten it the next day. For a fancier version, head to the elegantly appointed Avenue Bar and Lounge for its Edible Martinis, where vodka-infused melons make for a fun drink.

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—Bonnie Malott

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