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7 Days and Nights continued: Fashionista, athlete or aesthete, pick and choose from our jam-packed, dawn-to-dark customized itineraries

BREAKFAST: Early risers can luxuriate at The Courtyard Café at The Windsor Arms, or The Studio Cafe at The Four Seasons. Then buy some European mags at La Presse Internationale (it opens at 8 a.m.) Just down the street, Whole Foods Market is a spot for a healthy breakfast or cappuccino. Take your purchase out to one of the pretty seating areas in upscale retail centre Hazelton Lanes—hope you remembered to bring your credit cards for some post repast purchasing.
A.M. ACTIVITIES: Book an appointment at The Loft, the best spoily moment for women of fashion and financial means—in a huge airy space enjoy a private viewing of Zenobia’s current season with your own consultant.
LUNCH: Pre-lunch, go to O2 Spa Bar for a shot of pure oxygen. For lunch the possibilities include, Bangkok Garden, located just downstairs from one of the grande dames of spa life in Toronto, The Elmwood. The Stillwater Spa at the Park Hyatt provides lunch on-site, all the better position to be in for their Mandarin honey body glow.
P.M. ACTIVITIES: It is impossible to fit all the spa experiences to be had in one day. So here are just some of the must-dos: the chocolate body treatment at Elizabeth Milan Spa; brow shaping by the famous Franchie at PIR; a manicure with Jeanet, if you’re lucky enough, at Jeanet Spa—she has done the hands of Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Love-Hewitt; a lymphatic drain leg massage at Estée Lauder; paraffin foot treatment at Elmspa; a Vichy massage at the Spa at The Windsor Arms; a blow-out at Concepts Spa and Salon; anything at the exclusive Salon Jie; a four-hand body massage at Femme Coiffure.
SHOPS: Each spa has a certain amount of space given over to the product lines used by its estheticians but you can also pick up excellent beauty finds at Kiehl’s Since 1851, Aveda, Woman Apothecary, Delineation, Mirella Parfums and Cosmetics and M.A.C. For major spoiling that every woman should experience, a proper bra fitting, resulting in better posture, can be found at Avec Plaisir and the Bra Bar.
DINNER: Go back to your room and allow face, body and soul to rest. When you get up, head down to Biff’s, Le Papillion, Bouchon, Acqua, Jump, or if you can get a reservation, The Fifth, Toronto Life magazine’s top restaurant.
NIGHTCAP: Dessert at Senses Bakery and Restaurant at the SoHo Metropolitan.

BREAKFAST: Mars Diner has the hearty Big Time breakfast featuring three eggs, three slices each of peameal bacon and toast, plus home fries and coffee or tea for only $7.95.
A.M. ACTIVITIES: Launch a bucket or two of balls at City Core Driving Range. Walk over to Diesel Fitness, the hottest of the Ÿber-urban gyms. Do some free weights while listening to a live DJ mix tunes.
LUNCH: A burger, the bigger the better. Or was that the more expensive, the better? Never a city to lag behind New York’s food fads, Bymark has what is likely Toronto’s most preposterously priced gourmet burger—$34 for sirloin topped with porcini mushrooms, truffle mustard aïoli and brie. Betty’s, a popular downtown bar, has an even more expensive burger: $67.95 brings the desired sandwich and a side of champagne. Other excellent burgs can be had at Hot House Café, Hughie’s, Superior, Canyon Creek, Peter Pan and Esplanade Bier Markt.
P.M. ACTIVITIES: Throw your quiche-eating qualms to the wind and have a manly manicure, sports massage and power pedicure. A number of full-service spas make every effort to keep male and female clients from crossing paths: this is a good thing. Estée Lauder, Village Spa, The Elmwood and Femme Coiffure are a few.
SHOPS: Men hate shopping? Only if they go it alone. These are the stores, and here are the people: at Holt Renfrew, John Peter McDonald (416-960-4046); Nicolas Menswear, Nicolas Kalatzis; Short Man by Brown’s, Lou or Jeffrey Brown; H. Halpern Esq. , Meredith or Howard Halpern.
DINNER: Go back to your room and rest—that’s what the girls try to do, and for good reason. If you get up, go straight to the steaks.
NIGHT ACTIVITIES: Drinks and pool at Indian Motorcycle, drinks in Hy’s very masculine bar, or sample the vintages at Reds Bistro and Bar.

BREAKFAST: You know what they say, “When in Rome,” so start off your day with peameal bacon (that’s Canadian back bacon) on a bun at the St. Lawrence Market or try some waffles with real maple syrup at Aunties & Uncles or Tequila Bookworm.
A.M. ACTIVITIES: Walk west on Front Street until you reach the CN Tower. Up you go, do everything you can. Or catch a safe-distance glimpse of Canada’s wildlife like those famous black bears at the Canadian Pavilion of the Toronto Zoo.
LUNCH: Try your mid-day meal at one of these Canadian-owned establishments. The nature burgers can’t be beat at Licks; Mr. Greenjeans in the Toronto Eaton Centre is an institution; Wayne Gretzky’s is owned by none other than The Great One himself; try a huge Montreal smoked meat sandwich at Bâton Rouge; Rodney’s Oyster House showcases the pride of the East Coast with a menu boasting more than 20 varieties of crustaceans.
P.M. ACTIVITIES: You think not much can top the CN Tower for Canadiana? Check out Kleinburg’s McMichael Canadian Art Collection, a gallery dedicated to Canadian artists, particularly the Group of Seven, in a natural setting while The Hockey Hall of Fame pays homage to our favourite national pastime.
SHOPS: The supplier of our popular Olympic uniform, Roots has tons of pro-Canadian garb—we’re partial to the I Love Toronto T-shirts. The Bay and Bowring both offer souvenirs people like to get. The majority of shops at Queen’s Quay Terminal have a decidedly Canadian focus. For Aboriginal arts and crafts, check out Eskimo Art Gallery, Arctic Nunavut, Bay of Spirits Gallery, Maslak Mcleod, Harris Gallery, Native Stone Art, Algonquin Sweetgrass Gallery.
DINNER: Haute Canadian cuisine not only exists but abounds at the following fine dining establishments: Canoe, Tundra, 360 The Restaurant at the CN Tower, BB33, Studio Cafe, Accolade, Pony, Patriot, Avalon, Trapper’s.
DRINKS: Canadian beer. Take a tour and enjoy some tasty samples during the day at the Steamwhistle Brewery. Try the taps at C’est What, grab an organic lager at the new Mill St. Brewery or have a Loose Moose Smoothie (with alcohol of course) at the Loose Moose.
NIGHT ACTIVITIES: Check out some of the local talent by way of homegrown theatre companies such as CanStage’s production of Twelfth Night in High Park and Soulpepper Theatre Company’s Happy Days and No Man’s Land. Sample the sounds of local musicians at clubs like C’est What, Healey’s, The El Mocambo and the legendary Horseshoe Tavern while enjoying a beverage or two. Cheers!

Day 1: Sports
Tim Horton’s Bay & Bloor 416-975-4464; Bay & Richmond, 416-367-1967; 73 Front St. E., 416-703-6257
City Core Golf & Driving Range 2 Spadina Ave., 416-640-9888
Joe Rockheads 29 Fraser Ave., 416-538-7670
Nike Toronto 110 Bloor St. W., 416-921-6453
Motorsports Hall of Fame Hall Fame Building, Exhibition Place, 416-263-3223

Day 2: History
Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library 120 St. George St., 416-978-5285
City of Toronto Archives 255 Spadina Rd., 416-397-5000
D&E Lake Ltd. 239 King St. E., 416-863-9930
The Old Mill 21 Old Mill Rd., Etobicoke, 416-236-2641
Roof Lounge 4 Avenue Rd., Park Hyatt, 416-925-1234

Day 3: Broadcast/Film/TV
Ooh-La-La 250 Front St. W., 416-979-7122
ChumCity 255 Queen St. W., 416-591-7400, ext. 2770
Lakeview Lunch 1132 Dundas St. W., 416-530-0871
Canary Grill 409 Front St. E., 416-364-9943
ChumCity Store 277 Queen St. W., 416-591-7400, ext. 2523
Celebrities Toronto Eaton Centre, 416-760-3458
Ice 163 Cumberland St., 416-964-6751
Il Posto Nuovo 148 Yorkville Ave., 416-968-0469
The Roof at the Park Hyatt 4 Avenue Rd., 416-925-1234
Club 22 18 St. Thomas St., Windsor Arm’s Hotel, 416-971-9666
Betty’s 240 King St. E., 416-368-1300

Day 4: Design
Cloud Forest Conservatory 416-392-1111
Caban 262-264 Queen St. W., 416-596-0386
Jalan 699 Queen St. W., 416-504-3473
Pavilion 739 Queen St. W., 416-504-9859
Harvest House 160 King St. E., 416-862-9449
Ziggurat 254 King St. E., 416-362-5900
Neinkamper 300 King St. E., 416-362-3434
Triede 256 King St. E., 416-941-9666
En Provence 20 Hazelton Ave., 416-975-9400
Williams-Sonoma 100 Bloor St. W., 416-962-9455
Boutique Sérénité 87 Yorkville Ave., 416-924-6398
Pottery Barn 100 Bloor St. W., 416-962-2276

Day 5: Fashionista
Downward Dog 735 Queen St. W., 416-703-8805
Any Direct Flight 724 Queen St. W., 416-504-0017
Lilith 541 Queen St. W., 416-504-5353
Lowon Pope 779 Queen St. W., 416-504-8150
Brian Bailey 878 Queen St. W., 416-516-7188
Rubies Beauty Bar 715 Queen St. W., 416-601-6789
Price Roman 267 Queen St. W., 416-979-7363
Fashion Crimes 322 Queen St. W., 416-592-9001
Jet Rag 359 Queen St. W., 416-979-2671
Pangaea 1221 Bay St., 416-920-2323
Dynasty Chinese Cuisine 131 Bloor St. W., 416-923-3323
Il Posto Nuovo 148 Yorkville Ave., 416-968-0469
Le Trou Normand 90 Yorkville Ave., 416-967-5956
Hermès 131 Bloor St. W., 416-968-8626
Escada 110 Bloor St. W., 416-964-2265
Augustina 138 Cumberland St., 416-922-4248
Peachy Fresh 111 Yorkville Ave., 416-513-9884
Want Boutique 1694 Avenue Rd., 416-256-9268
LaMarca Fashion Cafe 1967 Avenue Rd., 416-544-8700
Motoretta 554 College St., 416-925-1818
Girl Friday 776 College St., 416-531-1036
Rapp Optical 788 College St., 416-537-6590
Café Diplomatico 594 College St., 416-534-4637
Li’ly 656 College St., 416-532-0419
Butt’r 587 College St., 416-516-4756

Day 6: Spas and Spoiling, Girl-Style
La Presse Internationale 124 Yorkville Ave., 416-928-2328
Whole Foods Market 87 Avenue Rd., 416-944-0500
The Loft 502-672 Dupont St., 416-487-2030
PIR 25 Bellair St., 416-513-1603; 77 Front St. E., 416-703-2480
Elmspa 557 Church St., 416-964-4500
Spa at the Windsor Arms 18 St. Thomas St., 416-971-9666
Femme Coiffure 87 Avenue Rd., 416-515-2000
Aveda 95 Bloor St. W., 416-413-1333
Woman Apothecary 55 Avenue Rd., Hazelton Lanes, 416-515-9995
M.A.C 363 Queen St. W., 416-979-2171
Bouchon 38 Wellington St. E., 416-862-2675
Acqua 10 Front St. W., 416-368-7171
Jump 18 Wellington St. W., 416-363-3400

Day 6B: Spas and Spoiling, Guy-Style
City Core Golf & Driving Range 2 Spadina Ave., 416-640-9888
Betty’s 240 King St. E., 416-368-1300
Hughie’s 777 Bay St., 416-977-2242
Village Spa 2901 Bayview Ave., 416-224-1101
Indian Motorcycle 355 King St. W., 416-593-6996

Day 7: Oh Canada!
Aunties & Uncles 74 Lippincott St., 416-324-1375
Tequila Bookworm 490 Queen St. W., 416-504-7335
Licks 1585 The Queensway, 416-503-3477; 49 Eglinton Ave., 416-503-3477; plus others
Algonquin Sweetgrass Gallery 668 Queen St. W., 416-703-1336
Tundra 145 Richmond St. W., Toronto Hilton, 416-869-3456
Patriot 131 Bloor St. W., 416-922-0025
Mill Street Brewery 55 Mill St., 416-681-0338
The El Mocambo 464 Spadina Ave., 416-777-1777—the WHERE staff

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