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10 Art Exhibits to Discover

REFLECTIONS To March 16. Artcore/Fabrice Marcolini celebrates Doug Kirton’s first solo exhibition at the gallery. An artist of immense technical ability, Kirton combines traditional painting methods as well as photo technology to capture the authentic visual and emotional elements of one’s environment. In See True, Kirton uses windows on a rainy Chicago day to capture the displacing effect of reflections on reality. Tuesday to Saturday. Distillery Historic District, Pure Spirits Building, 55 Mill St., 416-920-3820.

CANADIAN LANDSCAPE From March 15. Canadian artist Risa Horowitz displays her paintings at MKG127. Trees of Canada features 150 acrylic paintings, each representing the silhouette of an indigenous tree as listed in Canada’s 2004 National Forest Inventory. Wednesday to Saturday. 127 Ossington Ave., 647-435-7682.

FAMILY ALBUM To March 20. As the first Canadian-born member of the prestigious Magnum Agency, Larry Towell has travelled the world documenting war, poverty and famine. In his latest photo show The World From My Front Porch at Stephen Bulger Gallery, his subjects are closer to home in his new works, which document the activities of his wife and children on their Shetland farm. Tuesday to Saturday. 1026 Queen St. W., 416-504-0575.

READ ART To March 30. German-born artist Katja Jacobs uses her own memories to create images that blur the line between language and art. This is emphasized through her latest series of encaustic paintings, on at David Kaye Gallery. In Daybooks, Jacobs creates her own script, that can be “read” and interpreted on an individual basis. Wednesday to Sunday. 1092 Queen St. W. (entrance on Dovercourt Road), 416-532-9075.

TIME AND SPACE To March 30. Internationally acclaimed artist David Rokeby’s latest work can be found at Pari Nadimi Gallery . Entitled Plots Against Time, the show includes Machine for Taking Time (boul. Saint-Laurent) (2007), which consists of the integration of images collected by video cameras surveying the city of Montreal over the course of a year. Wednesday to Saturday. 254 Niagara St., 416-591-6464.

EVERYDAY BEAUTY From March 8. Known for her striking photographs, Grit Schwerdtfeger showcases the charm of familiar spaces in her latest show at Corkin Gallery. Distanz 2006 incorporates spaces like beaches, mountains and even parking lots, demonstrating that beauty is not dependent on a pre-industrialized landscape. Tuesday to Saturday. Distillery Historic District, Pure Spirits Building, 55 Mill St., 416-979-1980.

A MOMENT IN PASSING To March 22. Mira Godard Gallery presents Across by Eric Le Ménédeu. The Montreal-based artist is inspired by the landscapes he photographs during his travels. Pictures, often taken while moving, inform the aesthetic of his paintings, which are meant to document his personal passages and memories. Tuesday to Saturday. 22 Hazelton Ave., 416-964-8197.

URBAN MOVEMENT From March 26. Marjolyn van der Hart presents Fragments of the Imagination at Leonardo Gallery. Her multi-dimensional paintings are a response to the frantic pace of the current urban environment. In contrast to the agitated emotions that would be expected, van der Hart’s use of various materials and a warm colour palette inspire a sense of calm. Monday to Saturday. 133 Avenue Rd., 416-924-7296.

MOTHER NATURE’S ART To March 15. What used to be science fiction is now just another news item. Mixed-media artist Kevin Yates has interpreted the effects of natural disasters such as typhoons, tsunamis, and hurricanes. Hot Hail, on display at Susan Hobbs Gallery, is a collection of miniature objects representing mementos from the end of the world-should these or other natural disasters continue to wreak havoc. Thursday to Saturday. 137 Tecumseth St., 416-504-3699.

A LIFE STORY From March 15 to 26. Loch Gallery displays Jordan MacLachlan’s Radiance in Uncontrollable Worlds, a series of 38 terracotta sculptures forming a single narrative that details the fall and redemption of characters surrounded by chaos. Though her sculptures have a mythical quality, MacLachlan explores the turbulence and optimism of a contemporary society. Tuesday to Saturday. 16 Hazelton Ave., 416-964-9050.

—Tessie Sanci

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