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Q&A with The Good Lovelies

The Good Lovelies

This Canadian group won a Juno for Roots/Traditional Album of the Year in 2010, has recently released their third full-length album, Let the Rain Fall, and boasts a lighthearted, folksy sound that calls to mind sunny summer days. Where Ottawa editor Misa Kobayashi caught up with The Good Lovelies in advance of their local show to find out about their travel essentials, where they love to eat when they’re in Ottawa, and more.

What was the inspiration behind the new album?
The new album is a celebration of our lives together on the road, touring this big country of ours. We spend a lot of time together, performing on average 150 shows per year, and that experience is reflected in the album’s lyrics. It’s an upbeat, happy record, with moments of melancholy (particularly when we sing about wanting to be home).

What’s your favourite activity to do on the road?
Well, we bought some skipping ropes about a year ago. When we get restless, we get out of the car and jump rope for a few minutes. Invariably, we make friends with any young girls that happen to be around. They join in without asking. It’s a way more fun version of the elementary school playground! And we love eating in new places, checking out the local cuisine. Recently we had some incredible Indian food in Northern Ontario in Bruce Mines. Go figure!

You’re often on the road touring. What two or three items do you consider your “travel essentials”?
Needless to say, our bags are very heavy when we leave home. Here’s a snapshot of what’s in them:
Caroline- running shoes, a good book, earplugs for sleeping
Sue- hair dryer, slippers, and a camera
Kerri- iPod, glasses, and a notebook

What’s the best thing about touring?
There are lots of great things about touring. A friend of ours said that in a way we have “working vacations,” we get to see so many different places, and experience different parts of the world. We also get to see friends who live far away more often than we would if we were still living full time in Toronto.

You’re going to be playing at the nearby Black Sheep Inn, do you think you’ll make a stop in Ottawa while you’re in this neck of the woods?
Ottawa is a very important place for us. The very first festival we played was the Ottawa Folk Fest in 2007. As a result, we feel very at home there, and do our best to visit each time we’re in the area. So, yes! We’ll be stopping in the city before heading home West.

When you do come to Ottawa, what’s the one place you have to eat at when you’re here?
We love eating at The WORKS. Burgers are delicious and wonderful. And we love all kinds, so it’s a perfect place to try something different every time. It never gets old.

Where do you make a point of visiting when you’re in Ottawa, any shops or tourist attractions?
We obviously love strolling around the ByWard Market, particularly on Sunday mornings. There’s so much to see and do there. And if it’s winter, we pack our skates for a glide on the canal. We also love visiting the Ottawa Folklore Centre. They’ve been selling our CDs and supporting us in a big way since our start in 2007.

How would you describe the city [Ottawa]?
The home-away-from-home-government-fun-town!

The Good Lovelies will be taking the stage in Wakefield (about 40 minutes from Ottawa) at the Black Sheep Inn on March 31. Tickets $15 in advance, for information see www.theblacksheepinn.com

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