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Norse Sagas: Museum of History’s Vikings

(Photo: Swedish History Museum)

The Canadian Museum of History’s new exhibition, Vikings, tells the complex story of one of history’s most misunderstood eras. (Photo: Swedish History Museum)

Popular depictions of the Vikings tend to portray them as bloodthirsty barbarians, pillaging their way up and down the countryside with axes in hand and wearing horned helmets. And while some of this may be true (the pillaging part, anyway — there is no evidence that they ever wore horned helmets into battle), history tells a very different story. Thanks to recent archaeological discoveries, we now have a better understanding of who they were and how they lived. As the exhibit Vikings illustrates, they weren’t mere raiders — they were also explorers, traders, settlers, mercenaries, and skilled seafarers. Their history and identity is explored through almost 500 artifacts — including jewellery, weapons, and religious artifacts — that have rarely been displayed outside of Sweden. On display at the Canadian Museum of History from December 3 until April 17, 2016. —Amy Allen
•Canadian Museum of History, 100, rue Laurier, Gatineau, 800-555-5621. historymuseum.ca
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