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Hot Shopping: Beautiful Belts

The Holleen belt.

Trendy ladies know the right accessory adds a certain je ne sais quoi to an outfit, but your style choices can be ethical, too. Brave Leather belts are handmade in Canada, which is proudly stamped on their products, promising that you get original goods manufactured in a clean, safe environment by skilled craftspeople paid a fair living wage. Now that’s a fashion decision you can feel good about. $165 for the Holleen belt. Available at Red Velvet, 253 Elgin St., 613-230-0118.

2 responses to “Hot Shopping: Beautiful Belts”

  1. MyMediaChick says:

    Great Belts! And since they are from Red Velvet you know they will be of good quality AND trendy and wearable for a long time. Unfortunately, we can assume they are also likely pricey… can you divulge the price for us readers?
    Publisher/Editor, myshopottawa.com

  2. whereottawa says:

    Hi April,
    Thanks for the comment! Glad you like the belts. You’re right, they will cost you a pretty penny (but anything for fashion?). This is the “Holleen” belt and it’s $165.

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