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Hot Attraction: Historic Flag Unveiled at War Museum

The Regimental Colour of the 104th Regiment of Foot being unveiled at the Canadian War Museum.
© Canadian War Museum, Corporate Photo Collection, photo M. Holleron

The 104th Regiment of Foot marched up the St. John River Valley to Kingston, battling extreme weather and enemy forces along the way.

Throughout the New Brunswick regiment’s epic journey during the War of 1812 they carried a silk flag, which displayed a Union Jack in the top left corner and “104” surrounded by a laurel wreath in the middle.

This incredible piece of Canadian history is now on display at the Canadian War Museum.

“The flag connects us to a key chapter in our military history and to those who rallied to Canada’s defence in the War of 1812,” says James Whitham, Director General of the Canadian War Museum, in a statement.

The 52-day trek is considered one of the greatest marches in Canadian military history. The flag flew during many key battles, including engagements at Beaver Dams, Fort Erie and Lundy’s Lane.

When the war ended, the flag was sent to Scotland, home of the British officer who originally raised the regiment. His granddaughter eventually donated the flag to the New Brunswick Museum in 1939, on the eve of the Second World War.

You can see the flag on display at the War Museum until January 6, 2013, as the Museum marks the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812.

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