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Hot Art: The Bold and Beautiful of Ottawa Alleyways

Left to right: Paul Schibli, "Spring on the Avon"; Olaf Krassnitzky, "River Lane Winter"; Strachan Johnston, "Stairway to Heaven."

Who knew Ottawa had such an enchanting maze of alleys, tucked away behind houses and tree-lined streets? Ottawa Alleyways, on view until May 1 at Cube Gallery, explores the story of the city’s hidden annexes. For this group show, eight Ottawa painters spent a year discovering these intriguing spaces. Their final works evoke a gamut of emotions: feelings of fun, nostalgia, happiness, and even loneliness. The styles of painting vary; some are done in bright, electric colours, while others err towards muted tones; some have almost photo-like detail, while others emphasize softer shapes. All have personality. From old-fashioned service lanes to places with secret views of backyards and back doors, check out these unique portrayals of the urban landscape to see another side of this ever-evolving city.

Featured artists: Jay Anderson, John Jarrett, Strachan Johnston, Olaf Krassnitzky, Pina Manoni-Rennick, Karole Marois, Paul Schibli, and Karl Schutt.

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