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Hot Art: Retro Road Trip Art

"After 8" at Wall Space Gallery opens Feb. 4 and runs to Feb. 26. Photo credit: Andrew King, "Closed Til Further Notice."

Have you ever felt an urge to recreate the past? Artist Andrew King had that feeling, and decided to go for it. For 10 days in November, King drove from Ottawa to New York City as if it were the mid-20th century. He drove a vintage car, only took two-lane highways, and ate and stayed at places from that time period. On his journey, he absorbed everything he saw, especially after 8pm when, in his words, “small town diners, motels, stores and other locales have a ghostly lit, neon, almost surreal look to them.” The sketches and paintings (along the lines of this artistic rendering) that were inspired by his trip will be on display in the exhibition “After 8” at Wall Space Gallery and Framing from Feb. 4 to 26.

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