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Creepy, Crawly Bugs at the Museum of Nature

(Photo: Outhouse Exhibit Services)

Get the inside scoop on the smallest members of the animal kingdom at Bugs: Outside the Box. (Photo: Outhouse Exhibit Services)

Insects are among the smallest denizens of the animal kingdom. For the most part, they live among us unnoticed, but we’re usually quick to squish them when they enter our space. But these tiny creatures play a larger role in the ecological processes of our world than many of us realize. They may look small, simple, and uncomplicated, but their biologies are in fact quite complex. In Bugs: Outside the Box, master sculptor Lorenzo Possenti re-creates these biologies in large scale, showing the hardened exoskeletons, sensitive antennae, and intricate digestive systems of the world’s various insects. On display at the Canadian Museum of Nature until March 27, 2016. —Amy Allen
•Canadian Museum of Nature, 240 McLeod St., 613-566-4700. nature.ca
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