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Welcome to the 2012 edition of Where Muskoka, available now

Throughout the process of working on 2012 issue of Where Muskoka (now available at marinas, resorts and LCBOs throughout the region), I was struck by something Samantha Pynn, interior designer and host of the HGTV Canada show Summer Home, said about how summer homes are all about reconnecting with family and friends. For me, this couldn’t be more true. As much as time at the cottage is about escaping our hectic Monday to Friday routines, turning off the BlackBerry and the email, and unwinding, soaking in the sunshine and swimming in the lake, time up north is always best spent when it’s with the most important people in our lives.

Some of my happiest memories aren’t about milestone achievements at work or big presents I’ve received, but of moments spent with my family and friends, such as fishing with my dad, going for a canoe ride with my cousin, picking blueberries and strawberries with my mom—and eating most of them before we got home—and girl talk on the dock with my friends, our feet dipping in the water. Time at the cottage is in some ways like a return to childhood. The worries and stresses of daily life fall (temporarily) away; it’s all about being in the moment and reveling in the company—and the beautiful landscape—that surrounds you.

When you have your family and friends with you, all that’s missing is good food and drink. We’ve got you covered with “Muskoka’s Taste Makers,” in which six beloved chefs share their favourite seasonal ingredients and how they incorporate them in their dishes. Starting in June and through to the end of August, our website will feature bi-weekly recipes from these chefs, which you can make to impress and entertain your cottage guests. Looking for an accompanying (adult) beverage to serve with your chef-worthy dishes? There are, of course, local beer makers like Muskoka Brewery and Lake of Bays Brewery, and microwineries like Muskoka Lakes Winery, but if you navigate to our website you’ll find cocktail recipes courtesy of Proof Brands, a Canadian company that makes vodka, rum and whisky. Also upcoming on Where.ca is our weekly “Weekend Roundup” of noteworthy events and festivals taking place in the Muskoka region—in case you’re in search of something extra to do.

We hope you have a memorable, fun and safe summer.

LINDA LUONG, Editor-in-Chief


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