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Glacier Glossary

Courtesy Athabasca Glacier Icewalks

Visit the surreal world of shifting ice at the Columbia Icefield. Join a guided Athabasca Glacier Icewalk or Ice Explorer tour, or simply stroll the short Toe of the Glacier Interpretive Trail. If you’re walking the walk, you should talk the talk:

  • Till: Sediment rock deposited during glacial melting.
  • Lateral Moraine: Till along sides of an abating glacier.
  • Terminus: End of the glacier; also called the glacier snout.
  • Moulin: Deep hole carved by flowing surface water.
  • Crevasse: Crack formed by ice segments moving at different rates.
  • Serac: Jagged tower of ice formed by colliding crevasses.

By Lisa Stephens

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