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Gift-List Must: Backpacking Beauty Products

Dec. 12, 2015
By Morgan Kwan

Editor’s note: We’re stoked that Morgan Kwan has joined Where Canadian Rockies as a guest blogger! This Calgarian not only has an entertaining and insightful outdoors blog, but now she and her friend Andrea have their own beauty product line. Read on to meet Morgan and get inspiration for your Christmas gift ideas!


It’s not very often that you find 20 women of different backgrounds and experience levels marching up a mountain, laughing and encouraging each other to work through the fatigue. Experiences like this are at the core of Beauty In The Backcountry, my blog that strives to breakdown the intense outdoor sports stereotype and inspire people, especially women, to push themselves and give these activities a try.

Something that started as a fun hobby three years ago has now turned into an encouraging community, a reliable information source and a small company that makes beauty products specific for backpacking and hiking.


Growing up in the Bow Valley, mountain sports were routine weekend activities. As a young professional in Calgary, I loved showing my friends how easy it was to get set up for a beginner backpacking trip. That’s when the idea of the blog was born.

It was important for me to direct my blog towards females; you don’t need to give up your feminine ways or be a total granola to enjoy the outdoors! I also believe women can benefit from overcoming challenges and adverse conditions encountered in outdoor sports. There is an activity for everyone as long as you set yourself up for success with the right gear and information—that’s my mission with Beauty In The Backcountry.


One aspect of backpacking that always has frustrated me is the shaming of those who attempt to maintain a little composure while roughing it. Whether it’s some mascara or tinted lip balm, it should be no one’s business; the important thing is to be out there and having fun!

That, plus the lack of backpacking friendly beauty products in the outdoor gear world, prompted my friend Andrea and I to start making products like face wash and moisturizer. These all-natural, small, lightweight items quickly caught on with our friends and beyond. Finally there’s something a little nicer than Campsuds without the extra weight.


If you’re looking to get into backpacking or hiking I encourage you to check out the blog, sign up for the newsletter and join our inclusive outdoor community. If you’re already an experienced hiker, I hope you encourage those around you who are interested but maybe a little intimidated. Everyone should have the chance to experience the beauty of the mountains.

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