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Where List: Canada’s Best Street Food Vendors

Vancouver's Roaming Dragon. Photo by Christopher Porter.

We’ve asked our editors from coast to coast where to find some of their favourite street-food vendors and food trucks; from an Andy Warhol–inspired hot dog to fries made from PEI potatoes, you won’t want to miss the results.

See the slideshow…

Updated December 1, 2011.

One response to “Where List: Canada’s Best Street Food Vendors”

  1. Javad Khatiri says:

    Are these father & daughter helping people?

    By reading & hearing the news about some parents who’s (ugly inner face if not mental sickness) had already ruined the life of their kids I sent 4 e-mails to Niki whom I found on face book and knew that she is the daughter of willy dog hot dog business (with intention to found out whether she knew that her father has been a business conman since I had been introduced to him to do business with on or about Feb 00.

    Niki who’s on line profile introduces her as achiever of 3) Co-Owner of the Loft Girls. 4) Mobile Fashion Boutique specializing in curated, vintage clothing and locally made items. 5) The Loft Girls pops up at art shows and music festivals as well as host private events. 6) the Intern of Nella Bella. 7) Independent Vendor Willy Dog Ltd. 8) Business owner & operator, experience in managing and running own company. 9) Worked independently in sales. 10) orders, tracking expenses and advertisement. 11) Education Enforex Language School Spanish Certification Volunteer Experience & Causes Volunteer. 12) Operation Groundswell / Niki cares about: Arts and Culture Economic Empowerment Environment Health Human Rights. 13) More presentations by Niki Hodgskiss The Life of Frida Kahlo. 14) inculding the holder of York University degree in marketing and professional writing etc not only and surprisingly had taken her from Dec 2016 to Dec 2017 to respond but her respond was this (Javad if you write me one more time I will report you to the Kingston police. Got it? ) instead of something like this (I am sorry to hear that you have lost your wily dog hot dog business but as you know your business issues with my dad has nothing to do with me so please leave me out of it).

    Niki’s first time yet rude, intimidating, provocative, disrespectful e-mail respond not only reminded me of her dad’s [(june 14 – 03 e-mail respond to BBB, June 09 – 2010 e-mail respond directed to me), please ask for a copy of it if you don’t see it here and (his idiotic voice respond on the phone or in person) but her idea of (warning to report me to the same Kingston police that her father done the same on Aug 16 – 10 which had resulted me to be locked up by police for more than a week was understood by me as THE CROOKET WILLY MUST HAVE BEEN TRAINIG NIKI TO SUBSTITUED HIM)].

    Who is crooket Wily?
    William R Hodgskiss took advantage of my poor education particularly in reading, writing, speaking English as well as my desperate need to get myself employed and had me to sign his 10 + 10 years option to renew franchise wily dog hot dog business contract on or about Feb 00 with out (letting me know that his lease agreement with Canadian tire store located at 839 Yonge St. where i had been assigned to sale hot dogs was signed based on monthly rent payment) and that was the main reason that I lost my hot dog businesses in less than 3 years out 10 years franchise wily dog contract.
    My attempt to convince Willy to help me either to get my hot dog business back at the same address or set it up somewhere else not only had resulted to hear him 1) barking like a undisciplined dog on or off the phone, 2) stole or towed away my wily dog hot dog cart on Nov 03 with intention (to avoid being prosecuted by authorities) but he also.. 3) misused my not threatening e-mails that I had sent to his attention asking him to cover the expenses that his dishonesty made me to lose my source of income) to fool Kingston police to lock me up. Willy has a habit of considering himself as (tough guy) but not with out calling the cops (tipped off by him).

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