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Vancouver Art Gallery’s Luscious Landscapes


"Deep Forest" by Emily Carr. (Photo: Trevor Mills/Vancouver Art Gallery)

“Deep Forest” by Emily Carr. (Photo: Trevor Mills/Vancouver Art Gallery)

To March 9

The best way to see the forest for the trees? Visit the Vancouver Art Gallery’s Emily Carr: Deep Forest for more than 40 exquisite paintings by the celebrated British Columbian artist. Stylized works such as “Deep Forest” (pictured) explore the spiritual forces of nature through vibrant hues and bold brushstrokes. Carr’s oil-on-canvas works were profoundly radical in their day for their fresh perspective on the coastal rainforest, previously viewed as impenetrable. For more stunning landscapes under the same roof, take in Lawren Harris: Canadian Visionary (to May 4). The Group of Seven founding member heavily influenced Carr and welcomed her into the ranks of Canada’s modernists. Trace the artistic history of the acclaimed painter, from his elegant portrayals of Lake Superior and the Rockies to his vibrant abstracts. It’s the great outdoors, but in a way you’ve never pictured.

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