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Spirited Stories

Fancy a fright? Vancouver’s tour guides have plenty of spooky tales to tell. Here are a few local ghost stories to haunt your holidays. 


Oct. 2019

Have dinner with ghostly guests at The Old Spaghetti Factory (Photo © Jerry Coli/dreamstime.com)

Heeere’s Jennie! 

If you’re checking into the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver and there’s a strange woman in a red gown in your room, you haven’t been double-booked. According to local legend, you’ve just met the ghost of Jennie Pearl Cox—aka the Lady in Red—a regular at the hotel’s ballroom dances until she was killed in a car accident in 1944. Guests report seeing her pass through elevator doors, particularly on the 14th floor. When an episode of The X-Files was filmed at the hotel, she hovered outside the window, frightening a cameraman so badly that he fled the set and refused to return. 

Silence of the Trams 

Where there’s a vortex, there’s a very real chance of ghostly visitations. The Old Spaghetti Factory, supposedly located near a portal to another dimension, is said to house four ghosts. The most well-known spirit is the uniformed tram conductor who appears to staff late at night, seated at a table in the decommissioned streetcar that occupies the dining room. Then there’s Looky-Loo, a mischievous red-haired man who wreaks havoc in the kitchen and ladies’ room. Rounding out the phantom family are a cutlery-bending boy with empty eye sockets, and a little girl with a balloon, looking for her mother. 

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