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Review: Almost, Maine


The cast of Almost, Maine.

What happens when we open our hearts? That’s the question at the core of Almost, Maine, a quirky play set in small-town Maine.

Starring five actors who portray 19 characters, this cozy anthology explores every aspect of romance, from infatuation to heartbreak. Covering romantic ground familiar to anyone who’s ever watched the yuletide favourite Love Actually, this play handles the frequent changes in tone, from sweet to funny to bitter, more skilfully than its celluloid counterpart. The playwright even deftly sneaks in a charming tale of two male friends falling—quite literally—in love.

The ensemble cast is uniformly excellent, but special kudos go to Kim Larson and Peter Carlone for bringing to life the most memorable (and hilarious) characters.

Kim Larson and Peter Carlone. Photo by Ron Reed.

Catch all the magic to Dec. 16, 2017, at Pacific Theatre.

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