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Relax at Dude Chilling Park


New sign has been dubbed a public art piece. (Photo: KK Law)

New sign has been dubbed a public art piece. (Photo: KK Law)

Vancouverites are known for being laid-back and having a good sense of humour, but the loss of a beloved sign was no laughing matter.

When the Dude Chilling Park sign appeared two years ago at Guelph Park, it instantly captured the hearts of locals. As a prank, artist Viktor Briestensky designed and created this replica of a Vancouver Park Board sign, because he thought the park’s original name didn’t reflect its true essence. The new name also captured the vibe of Michael Dennis’s wooden sculpture “Reclining Figure,” which has been relaxing in the green space since 1991.

Michael Dennis’s  “Reclining Figure” (Photo: KK Law)

Michael Dennis’s “Reclining Figure.” (Photo: KK Law)

The Park Board obviously didn’t get the joke and had the new sign removed, a decision that didn’t sit well with those who had grown to love it. One local man started a petition to bring it back and received over 1,800 signatures in support. Citizens had the last laugh after the Park Board voted to reinstall the sign, dubbing it a public art piece, while keeping Guelph as the park’s official name. This series of events gained international attention after late-night talk-show host Jimmy Kimmel played a news clip about the Park Board’s decision and quipped that he just might have to move to Canada.

Want to be in on the joke? Head to the park and check out this public art piece. Then chill.

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