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Ghosts of Vancouver

Haunted hot spots for spectre-seekers

Oct. 2017

Gastown is the oldest area of the city, and it’s rumoured to be the most haunted part, too. (Photo by James Wheeler/Dreamstime)

Heeere’s Jennie!

If you’re checking into the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver and there’s a woman in a red gown in your room, you haven’t been double-booked. According to local legend, you’ve just met the ghost of Jennie Pearl Cox—aka the Lady in Red—a regular at the hotel’s ballroom dances until she was killed in a car accident in 1944. Guests report seeing her pass through elevator doors, particularly on the 14th floor. When an episode of The X-Files was filmed at the hotel, she hovered outside the window, frightening a cameraman so badly that he fled the set and refused to return.

It’s Alive!

Get more than you bargained for at Salmagundi West, and not only because the antiques-and-oddities emporium often stocks unusual treasures like taxidermy, tarot cards and actual magic wands. There are whispered voices. Displaced and disappearing objects. Encounters with departed beings. Like the woman in black who begs customers to find her photograph, or the former owner’s partner, whose unhappy energy has been felt in the storage room. Local paranormal investigators reportedly encountered the ghost of a man with a bushy moustache and blood running down his cheek. With all this otherworldly activity, it’s a good thing they have a professional psychic on staff.

Silence of the Trams

Where there’s a vortex, there’s a very real chance of ghostly visitations. The Old Spaghetti Factory, supposedly located near a portal to another dimension, is said to house four ghosts. The most well-known spirit is the uniformed tram conductor who staff report seeing late at night, seated at a table in the decommissioned streetcar that occupies the dining room. Then there’s Looky-Loo, a mischievous red-haired man who wreaks havoc in the kitchen and ladies’ room. Rounding out the phantom family are a cutlery-bending boy with empty eye sockets, and a little girl with a balloon, looking for her mother.

Discover the dark side of the city with Ghostly Vancouver Tours, Haunted Vancouver Trolley Tours and Forbidden Vancouver’s Lost Souls of Gastown Tour.

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