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Douglas Coupland


"Luggage Bar Code Sunset No. 4" by Douglas Coupland. (Photo: David Dime and Elisa Nuyten)

“Luggage Bar Code Sunset No. 4” by Douglas Coupland. (Photo: David Dime and Elisa Nuyten)

To September 1

Douglas Coupland isn’t just an author, artist and designer—he’s also a proud Vancouverite. He’s left his mark on the city with public art such as the LEGO-like Digital Orca in front of the Vancouver Convention Centre. Now, the Vancouver Art Gallery presents the first survey exhibition of his work in Douglas Coupland: everywhere is anywhere is anything is everything. Discover his unique take on technology, Canadian culture and language in works such as “Luggage Bar Code Sunset No. 4” (pictured). Then visit Roots for a chance to take home a piece of the collection. Coupland’s second collaboration with the Canuck company features t-shirts, scarves, sweatshirts and leather goods that showcase graphics from the exhibition.

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