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Beautiful Bots


Lynne Fahenstalk at her worktable

Lynne Fahnestalk at her worktable

Where others see junk, Lynne Fahnestalk sees potential. Any discarded piece of copper, brass or steel could be just the thing she needs to finish one of her upcycled robot sculptures. It might take her an afternoon to put together a Bot, or it might take months of scouring yard sales and flea markets, looking for the elusive piece of metal that will bring out a Bot’s true personality. But as much as she might like to, Fahnestalk can’t spend every waking moment visualizing her next robot: the Vancouver resident also works full-time at a book-distribution company, and she has been a professional illustrator and cartoonist for decades.

Fahnestalk’s small home overflows with bins of potential Bot parts, including metal bells, springs, martini shakers, doorstops, cutlery, kitchen utensils, nuts, bolts, washers and screws. Fortunately, she has a steady demand for her creations—along with a patient husband who supports her passion. After all, a bit of household clutter is a small price to pay for such one-of-a-kind sculptures.

Learn more about Lynne Fahnestalk at Smiling Dragonfly Studio. Her Bots are available at Bird on a Wire Creations.

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