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Weekend Reading List: top stories from our sister sites

Kick back this weekend with this week’s most popular stories from our sister sites at St. Joseph Media:

Toronto Life takes on suburban sprawl in “Exodus to the burbs: why diehard downtowners are giving up on the city”. [Toronto Life]

At New York Fashion Week, Fashion Magazine snapped behind-the-scenes photos of models off the runway. [Fashion Magazine]

‘Tis the season of pears, blueberries, and cheesy broccoli—so says Canadian Family in “10 Tasty Recipes to Try in September”. [Canadian Family]

Ottawa Magazine contributing editor Mark Bourrie weighs in on the Xinhua “espionage” scandal that he thinks likely never was. [Ottawa Magazine]

Did you know quark was a type of cheese? Neither did we, but 20 Minute Supper Club tells us that paired with lavendar it makes a delish cheesecake. Visit the site for all five “Weekend Baking Adventure” cheesecake recipes. [20 Minute Supper Club]

Minimalistic and floral is the way to go in centrepieces, as evidenced in a vibrant Wedding Bells slideshow. [Wedding Bells]

Quill & Quire asks, “Does an upsized IKEA bookshelf spell doom for print publishing?” Well, does it? Read the story to judge for yourself. [Quill & Quire]

Torontoist reports on city budget cuts proposed this week, among them selling the Toronto Zoo, snow-clearing reductions, and—always a hot-button topic—increasing TTC fares. [Torontoist]

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