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Vancouver Roaster Celebrates 25 Years


This fall, the folks at Bean Around the World are raising a glass—better yet, a mug—to 25 years of top-notch coffee with West Coast roots

Bean Around the World roasts their beans daily. (Photo: KK Law)

Bean Around the World roasts their beans daily. (Photo: KK Law)

Some leave their heart in San Francisco, but founder Pete Boëda found his when he spotted his first coffee roaster while visiting the Golden City in 1978. Though it took over a decade, Boëda’s newfound love came to fruition when he opened a small cafe complete with in-house roaster—not a common sight at the time. Now, 22 independently owned cafes, each with their own unique style and flavour, bear the Bean Around the World name.

So what’s in a name? A lot, actually. These days, two house roasters operate daily with beans sourced from 26 countries around the world, including many that are farmer-direct and organic. If you’re having trouble deciding, try Boëda’s favourite: Yemin Mocha Sanani, a single-origin bean that is sun-dried in the cherry (the red berry that surrounds the coffee bean) for full-fruit flavour. Or the blend preferred by co-owner Barney McKenzie: the Marine Roast, a full-bodied classic named after that first cafe opened 25 years ago. Sounds like the perfect celebratory sip.

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