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Interview With Travelfix Blogger Timothy Chan

Timothy Chan in India earlier this year.

Timothy Chan has traveled all over the world: India, China, Uganda, and Peru, just to name a few. He started tracking his experiences and inspirations on his travel blog, travelfix.ca over a year ago, and has been working at Gap Adventures Toronto HQ as a Public Relations Specialist for about a year. Travel, for Toronto-raised Chan, is a way to immerse himself in a “completely foreign country where chaos reigns and the culture, food, transportation, language and everything in between are virtually unfamiliar.”

Q. What’s the most enjoyable aspect of your gig at Gap Adventures?
A. I love that I get to combine my career with my passion for adventure travel. Most of the time it doesn’t actually feel like work.

Q. How have you seen social media change since entering the travel industry?
A. Social media has continued to grow and play a strong role in driving the online travel space. The advent of social media has allowed travelers to share their experiences instantaneously. In some ways, social media has made the world smaller and more familiar. Remote and far-off places that were once unfamiliar are now more accessible.

Q. Why is it so important to engage travelers online?
A. Most spend a significant amount of time on the internet throughout their trip. Whether it’s researching and booking the trip online, or sharing experiences from on the road on platforms such as a blog, Facebook or Twitter, travelers are intrinsically part of an online community.

It’s also important to engage bloggers as many of them are incredibly influential in the online travel space. Their advice and opinions are well-respected and sought after.

Q. Tell us why you started your blog travelfix.ca and what you post there?
A. The Travel Fix was born out of my travel addiction. It was created to give myself a creative outlet to discuss and share my passion for travel. I post anything and everything travel related, and perhaps from time to time a few random things I came across that peaked my interest or made me laugh really hard. Over time, I started to integrate my love for food as well. That was a natural fit as food is undoubtedly a big part of travel.

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