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Staying Healthy When You’re A Frequent Traveller

Photo by Catface3

It’s a no-brainer that travelling for business often takes a toll on one’s health—healthy options aren’t always available when grabbing a bite on the road; and when running from business meetings to catch flights, there isn’t time to squeeze in a gym visit at the hotel. Add to that stress and disrupted sleep patterns and you don’t exactly feel (or, lets face it, look) like George Clooney in Up In The Air.

A study by Columbia University looked at workers who travel frequently, lightly, or not at all. They found that those who travel frequently (20 or more days per month) are in poorer health than the other two groups. In light of this, the Calgary Herald spoke to a nutritionist about how to be more healthy when you spend a lot of time away from home for work. While the tips are focused on business travellers, they’re helpful for anyone who finds themselves heading out on a trip where their good habits might fall to the wayside.

– Bring nuts, fruit or a healthy sandwich with you on a flight to avoid indulging on unhealthy snacks.
– If you have to eat on the road, opt for smoothies (and make sure it’s fruit based, and not full of ice cream), salad or hummus and pita.
– Know what the healthy options are at food chains; Starbucks has a whole-wheat egg-salad sandwich, load your Subway sandwich with veggies, and Burger King has a lesser-evil veggie burger.

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