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5 Tips on How to Find Local Hotspots When Travelling


Tonight in Vancouver: West Georgia Traffic

Tonight in Vancouver: West Georgia Traffic (Photo: Julius Reque)

In a strange city, it’s easy to find the tourist traps, the skyscrapers with the magnificent views and the chain restaurants. To immerse yourself in the local culture, however, you need to step outside your comfort zone and find local gems. To help the travel-weary, we have created a list of great tips when searching for local recommendations.

1. Ask Your Taxi Drivers
It’s literally their job to know the city inside and out, including where to go and how many passengers are going to various destinations. Taxi drivers can offer interesting facts, tips and useful knowledge that can make your acclimatization to a new city that much easier. If you’re nice to your driver they may even offer you their business card for future transportation around the city—invaluable when you don’t know the vagaries of the cab system.

2. Ask the Cashier from a Cool Store
When shopping at a store you enjoy, find a common interest with the cashier or an employee, then see if you can extract a solid recommendation that will suit your tastes. No need to be coy—most people enjoy being asked their opinion, especially if it’s clear you have something in common with them.

3. Befriend a Local
Befriending a local is one of the best ways to revamp your travel experience. Sometimes, locals do not want to divulge the secrets of the city to visitors, but with friendship comes reciprocity and a new view of the city. Maybe even suggest a day of sight seeing from their perspective. Of course, in every situation, we recommend that you practice your best judgment and caution.

4. Do Your Research
When in doubt, Google. With all of the rate and review websites available—include Where.ca—checking out places online is often the easiest way to find what you’re searching for. The selection can be overwhelming, but if you’re willing to spend time on the search, it can prove to be very useful.

5. Take a Personal Tour
Investigate the personal tours available at your destination from sites like Vayable.com. In most cases, local experts about a particular local element can give an idiosyncratic tour revealing all kinds of great places off the beaten track. If you like the guide’s personality and picks, hit them up for more recommendations.

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