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Best Travel Apps for Smartphone-Savvy Tourists


Best travel apps for smartphone users (Photo: YutakaTsutano)

The list of apps catering to everything and anything you could imagine grows each day. With more options comes the time-consuming process of wading through the good, the bad and the ugly. To help you save some time, we have compiled a list of some of the best travel apps for smart phone users on the go.

Best Travel Apps: Gate Guru

1. Gate Guru
This travel app allows its users to access all of their travel information—current departure times, previous punctuality statistics, gate numbers—as well as key details about the airport terminals on their itinerary. Gate Guru has categories for amenities, maps and  traveller tips specifically designed for each airport. It’s the perfect guide to maneuvering through unfamiliar airports confusion-free.

Best Travel Apps: ICE2. ICE: In Case of Emergency
Carry all of the mandatory information for you and your family in one place, such as emergency contact lists, insurance information, names and numbers for doctors, allergies, medical conditions as well as prescribed medications. The beauty of this travel app is that data can be accessed in case of emergency with an “if found” option. You can breathe a little easier knowing this safety travel app is on your smart phone.
 See ICE: In Case of Emergency in iTunes Store

Best Travel Apps: iStone Travel Translation3. iStone Travel Translation
This best travel app pick comes in handy when you face language barriers. iStone includes translations for many languages including English, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Arabic and Thai. With many easy-to-use options such as greetings, transportation and shopping, the app offers you a written translation as well as an auditory option to hear the native pronunciation. The best part? It works offline and without wi-fi.
See iStone Travel Translation in the iTunes Store

Best Travel Apps: Seat Alerts4. Seat Alerts
Using the data on ExpertFlyers.com, Seat Alerts keeps you informed about priority seating on commercial flights. The travel app allows you to specify what types of seats you would prefer (window, aisles, premium, etc), then, once your requested seating has become available, it sends you a notification helping to ensure your comfort and requests are met while flying.
See Seat Alerts in the iTunes Store

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Best Travel Apps: Pin Drop5. Pin Drop
With Pin Drop, users pin their favourite locations on maps along with tips and feedback. Travellers can use this data in new cities to find specific places that may have otherwise flown under their radar. The app includes access to best-ofs and curated lists spanning the world, allowing you the option to pin locations for future reference and share your finds through Facebook, Foursquare and Instagram.
• pindropapp.com

Best Travel Apps: Google Goggles6.Google Goggles
The name isn’t the only clever thing about this Android-optimized app. Using top-of-the-line technology, users search the web using an image instead of text—just take a photo with your phone, and send it through. Originally created for finding out information about landmarks—like carrying a miniature tour guide in your pocket—Google Goggles has expanded to include things such as logos, wine, books, art and foreign languages.
• google.com/mobile/goggles

Best Travel Apps: Sit or Squat
7. Sit or Squat

This is definitely the strangest travel app on our list, but it solves a problem that everyone has experienced at least one: waiting until the last minute to use the washroom, then realizing that there are none in sight. Designed by Charmin toilet paper, Sit or Squat reveals the locations of the closest open public toilets and displays them on an easy-to-navigate map. It’s the kind of app you don’t care about until you’re in desperate need of it.
• sitorsquat.com

Best Travel Apps: Mint8. Mint
Money management is one of the most important factors to ensure a vacation goes smoothly. This application makes sure your travel spending doesn’t get out of hand. You can check your accounts, assess budgets and calculate transactions in relation to your current financial status. Password security features should help allay any privacy or theft concerns.
• mint.com

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