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15 Uncommon Tips to a Better Vacation

Tip #8: "Don't shy away from big events" like the Vancouver 2010 Olympics. Photo by s.yume.

As the holidays approach, we’re barraged with travel tips from news outlets—most of it rehashed advice like “travel at off-peak times” and “arrive at the airport early”.  Instead, check out fifteen fun and unusual tips for enjoying your vacation or holiday.

The list of 15 Golden Rules to Live By While Traveling the World from the website Little Nomads is refreshing and astute.

“Don’t eat at corner restaurants” (tip #1), for example, sounded strange at first, but pretty accurately summed up our past experiences.

And “only travel with people you live with” (#9) may sound harsh, but it’s likely that many a friendship would have been preserved and trip better enjoyed were this heeded.

Some tips are lessons in catharsis: like accepting that it’s not all sunshine and roses on vacation and that some days will be hard. Our two cents on this one: give yourself permission to take a break if you’re just not feeling it. Sleep in rather than rushing to get a table at that fabulous brunch spot. Skip something on your list to sip a cup of tea at a cafe one afternoon.

What unusual travel tips do you have? Let us know on Twitter.

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