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Travel Curiosities

13 Obscure Canadian Laws Still in Effect

The door to the highest court in the land (Photo: Jamie McCaffery)

Did you know it’s illegal to whistle in Petrolia, Ontario? Or that a merchant can turn down $5 payment, if you pay entirely in nickels? In Canada, we have a few quirky laws that somehow fly under the radar, and are worth knowing about if you’re travelling here. We learned about 13 of them recently from Reader’s Digest, which posted a story by Lucy Izon called 13 Strange Canadian Laws That You Never Knew Existed.: Curious about the other 11? Read more, over at readersdigest.ca.


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The Best Spots in Canada to Stargaze

2011-01-30 ORION NEBULA - Version A

The haunting Orion Nebua (Photo: Ken Lord)

With over 80% of Canadians living in densely populated urban areas, it’s inevitable that light pollution keeps most us from seeing the true beauty of the night sky. Away from the city, there is a different type of glow that fills the heavens: stars, nebulae and planets. To experience this spectacle first hand, check out this list of the best locations in the world to stargaze. Six out of 11 of them are right here in Canada, and may be a short distance from where you live or travel, such as Jasper National Park, Point Pelee, McDonald Creek Provincial Park in B.C., Kejimkujik National Park in Nova Scotia, Fathom Five National Marine Park on the Bruce Peninsula and Cypress Hills in the Prairies. Perhaps one day Wood Buffalo, Canada’s newest dark sky preserve, will be added to the list.

Let us know your favourite places to stargaze and share your own awesome travel photos on our Flickr Group or Pinterest boards.


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Canada Quiz: Can You Name What’s Made in the Great White North?


Here at Where.ca, we love to to bring our fellow Canadians interesting internet finds. So, when we came across a Canadian pop culture quiz created by PopSugar Girl’s Guide titled “Made in Canada,” we had to share it. The quiz is hosted by a bubbly pair of Americans and brings into question a series of celebrities and products that may or may not be made in Canada—some of which may surprise you. Do you have what it takes to guess them all right? Check out the quiz above, or on YouTube here:  Made in Canada Quiz.

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The Best Canadian Travel Blogs Out Right Now


wise words

Wise words posted near BC’s Lake O’Hara (Photo: M.ann.n)

We love our fellow travellers and appreciate a great travel blog when we see one. With so many interesting, unique and adventurous websites on the internet, it seems only right that we pay homage to the best and the brightest. Whether you’re a backpacking nomad or a self-proclaimed culinary artist searching for travel tips about an new cuisine, you’re bound to find what you’re looking for in this easy to read list of The Top 100 Canadian Travel Blogs provided by FlightNetworks travel blog ‘Let’s Roll’.


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Welcome to Canada’s Newest Dark Sky Preserve

Northern Lights

The northern lights (Photo: Larry Lamsa)

Say hello to the newest preservation zone in Canada. The recently declared dark sky preservation by the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada is located in Wood Buffalo National Park. This dark sky preserve is the largest in Canada and stretches from the Northwest Territories to Alberta covering a magnificent range of 44,807 square kilometres (that’s larger than Switzerland). So, what is a dark sky preserve? In layman terms, it’s a form of natural preservation that restricts light pollution in a select area allowing the beautiful Northern Lights to shine through in all of their glory as well as protecting the surrounding natural habitats. You can check out the full story over at globalnews.ca

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TRAVEL TREND: Glamping in Canada


Glamping in Canada

Glamping in Canada: Soule Creek Lodge in Port Renfrew, BC (Photo: TJ Watt)

Tired of waking up in a tent stiff-necked and sore, yet love being surrounded by nature? The blossoming trend of glamping may be for you. Glamping—a term that combines “glamour” and “camping”—has brought a whole new breed of traveller to the great outdoors, allowing for more comfortable accommodations like queen-sized beds, bathrooms and electricity. Hardcore wilderness enthusiasts may shake their heads at this, but glamping gives you the same type settings as camping in the wild but with the comfort of a hotel room. Chatelaine has compiled a list of some of the best spots to go glamping in Canada, including everything from teepees to tree spheres. Check out their list here!

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• Leave a comment and let us know what you think about this travel trend

20 Awesome Travel Quotes to Inspire Your Wanderlust


trying not to get blown off the ridge

(Photo: M.ann.n)

When travelling to a new destination, it’s common to feel a little anxiety mixed in with anticipation. To help ease that feeling, we have compiled a list of 20 awesome, motivational, humorous and memorable quotes about travel that we hope will resonate with you.