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The Best 8 New or Improved Attractions in Canada for Summer 2016

Best New Attraction in the Canadian Rockies

Summer’s here, and there’s plenty to see and do across this vast country of ours. Each year, the regional editors of Where Canada select a brand new or significantly-improved attraction or event that’s recognized for its uniqueness and diverse appeal, which has earned our seal of approval as a can’t-miss destination for visitors.

This year’s honoured attractions range from an interactive homage to the Olympic games, a museum dedicated to works by British Columbian artists, a chronicle of the nation’s music scene, a newly-renovated cableway ride, and more. (more…)

The Best 10 New or Improved Attractions in Canada for Summer 2015


Best New or Improved Attractions in Canada for Summer 2015: A shot of Banff’s winner

Get summer-vacation inspiration with Canada’s Best New or Improved Attractions, as selected by the regional editors of Where. This annual awards program celebrates the most exciting brand-new or significantly improved attractions—or existing attractions observing major milestones—in 10 cities or regions across the country.

This year’s winners offer many appealing diversions for travellers exploring the Great White North—from hands-on activities like bobsledding on an official Olympic track, mountain climbing in Banff, and trying your hand at prospecting to intellectually stimulating institutions detailing early Ukrainian pioneers, Muslim culture, human rights and more.

Discover the winners of the Best New or Improved Attractions Awards for 2015 »

The Best 9 New or Improved Attractions in Canada for Summer 2014

Best New Attraction in Whistler
Best New or Improved Attractions for Summer 2014: A shot of Whistler’s winner

Get some inspiration for your summer vacation this year with the annual list of Canada’s Best New or Improved Attractions, as selected by the regional editors of Where. This annual awards program celebrates the most anticipated attractions for the summer as editors name their picks from brand new or significantly improved attractions, or existing attractions celebrating major must-visit milestones.

This year’s winners offer up a handful of exciting diversions for travellers exploring the great North—including an exploration of the country’s largest indoor aquarium, Olympian-worthy sporting, majestic walks over a glacier studded valley and more.

Discover the winners of the Best New or Improved Attractions Awards for 2014 >>

Western Canada’s 12 Best Hot Springs


Lussier Hot Springs (Photo: Tourism BC/Dave Heath)

With cool nights year-round in the Canadian Rockies and on Canada’s the west coast, a soak in a warm pool is a welcome end to a hard day on the trail or a bonus for surviving another work week. The lack of options in eastern Canada isn’t an oversight: the subterranean thermal activity that feeds the springs only exists out west. (more…)

9 Fabulous Fall Hiking Trails


One of our nine fabulous fall hiking trails: The Fundy Footpath (Photo: Dept. of Tourism & Parks, NB)

Head for the hills this fall and explore one of Canada’s many hiking trails, whether it’s tackling tough terrain on BC’s west coast or a slow sojourn on the Fundy Footpath (pictured). Well-trod trails accommodate any age or fitness level. Fall is an excellent time to get outside and capture the golden glow that softens the landscape. Proper hiking boots, water and snacks are a must. For organized outings with an experienced guide, contact cross-Canada hiking clubs or specific clubs in Atlantic Canada, Quebec, Ontario, the Prairies, Alberta and BC.

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12 Inspiring Canadian Helicopter Tours


Mont Tremblant: One of our 12 inspiring helicopter tours (Photo: Tremblant Activity Centre)

Canada’s winding rivers, soaring cliffs, expansive fields and soaring skyscrapers can be seen from a hiking trail or a city sidewalk, but for a truly stunning panoramic view—to lose yourself in Canada’s beauty and awe-inspiring vistas—you must view it from above. We’ve compiled some of our favourite Canadian helicopter tours below—don’t miss these while you’re travelling!

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12 Quintessential Canadian Road Trips


Trans Canada Highway, Alberta (Photo: Gord McKenna)

It’s time to think about planning your summer vacation, and if the open road is what you’re craving, Canada—with its stunning scenery and wide open natural beauty—has plenty of options. In fact, one of our best drives, the Banff-to-Jasper route (see Icefields Parkway) in the Rockies, was included in National Geographic’s Drives of a Lifetime book.

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Canada’s 10 Best Island Holiday Destinations


Cape Breton Island (Photo: Nova Scotia Tourism)

When we think of island vacations, the tropical always springs to mind: hot sun, sand, flip-flops and a fruity drink with an umbrella. But Canada has islands on offer, too, with a lot more to attract visitors than you might think. Here are 10 picks to consider for your next vacation.

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Canadian Ski Hills to Visit this Summer


Mountain Coaster at Blue Mountain, Ontario (Photo: Marc Landry)

Just like Canada itself, our ski hills are equated with winter. But there’s so much more to explore at the country’s coolest ski spots in the sizzling summer months. Here are 10 places to visit while the weather’s warm.

Start the slideshow of summer ski hills in Canada »

Eastern Canada’s Best Beaches


Kelly’s Beach, Kouchibouguac Park, NB (Photo: Tourism New Brunswick)

Last week the west coast got all the beachy glory. Now we head east to focus on the top beaches in the east: sandy Maritime playgrounds, windswept dunes, surfer spots and crystalline beauties on eastern Canada’s ocean- and lake-fronts. (more…)

The 13 Best Photos of Crasher Squirrel, Canada’s Famous Rodent


The original Crasher Squirrel photo taken by Melissa and Jackson Brandts in Banff. The image of the squirrel has gone viral since it appeared on the National Geographic‘s website on August 7, 2009 (Photo: Melissa Brandts)

As they balanced their tripod to capture a photo of themselves in front of Lake Minnewanka four years ago, Minnesota couple Melissa and Jackson Brandts had no idea that their innocent photo opportunity in Banff National Park would turn into a world-wide internet sensation. In the few seconds between starting the camera’s timer and photo being snapped, an eager ground squirrel (now aptly known as the Crasher Squirrel) popped up in front of them to investigate the situation. The lens refocused on the Crasher Squirrel, and the furry creature took one step closer to stardom, thanks to its impeccable timing and  inexplicably humanistic reaction of awe. The couple posted the photo online and sent it to National Geographic and within days, the Crasher Squirrel appeared all over the web in hilarious Photoshopped pictures with politicians, celebrities and in unusual settings. The photo was even discussed The Today Show and inspired its own app—the Squirrelizer.

We don’t know where the Crasher Squirrel is now, but we do know that it has left its paw prints on our hearts. With the Crasher Squirrel’s four-year anniversary approaching, we wanted to celebrate Canada’s famous rodent with the best examples of the meme. Here they are—let us know your favourite!

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The original story and photo [CBC]
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The Best 8 New Summer Attractions in Canada

Best New Summer Attractions Awards 2013: Calgary

Best New Summer Attractions Awards 2013: A shot of Calgary’s winner

Each year, the editors of Where from across Canada release their picks for the summer’s most anticipated attractions. Winners of the Best New Summer Attractions Awards could be brand new, significantly improved, or celebrating major milestones. From graceful sports temples to rich explorations of science and history, this year’s coast-to-coast list offers a set of thrilling diversions for travellers planning their summer vacations in Canada.

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