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Sleepover: Free Spirit Spheres in Vancouver Island, British Colombia

The Melody Sphere - Free Spirit Spheres Photo: Free Spirit Spheres

You may have stayed in a tree house or maybe even a yurt in your lifetime. But have you ever stayed in a sphere?In the old-growth forests of Vancouver Island, staying in the eyeball-shaped pods makes you feel more like a bird in a nest than a hotel guest. You can only access your sleeping quarters, which are 3 to 4.5 meters (10 to 15 feet) off the ground, via steps that spiral around the tree trunk a wooden bridge. Built from cedar and spruce, with wooden stairways hanging from the trees, the spheres wobble in the breeze—and with your weight.

The three spheres have names: Eve, Eryn, and Melody. Eve is the baby—sleeping one person comfortably and two cozily; Eryn can sleep three, with a loft for the third person; and Melody, the newest sphere to the family, is hand painted and comes with a Murphy bed as well as a workstation. Melody is ideal for artists and other creatives—it’s air-conditioned and has built-in speakers and plug-ins for music and video devices.

If you’re accustomed to luxury or spacious living quarters, the Free Spirit Spheres may not be for you: there is no breakfast and a shared composting toilet outhouse, for instance. But if you want something out of the ordinary that is giving back to nature, this will be a memorable experience. Rates are from $200 per night. Ewoks not included.

Free Spirit Spheres Qualicum Beach, BC, Canada Tel (250) 757-9445 Cell (250) 951 -9420 http://freespiritspheres.com/

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