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50 Canadian Things You Must Do Before You Die



Bucket lists have been compiled for ages, indexing all the goals that one wants to accomplish in his or her lifetime. People can obsess over them, download apps for them, and even make movies about them. Travel, of course, is one of the top things people put on their bucket lists, which inspired us to put together our list of must-do activities in Canada. Come with us as we go through a photographic tour of the 50 Canadian things you must do before you die. And be sure to let us know your favourite Canadian activities that should have made the list!

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35 responses to “50 Canadian Things You Must Do Before You Die”

  1. Matt Bailey says:

    Wow – talk about ripping off another writer. Why is it that big companies are ripping off ideas from bloggers and writers lately? Are you running out of ideas? No creative department? You can always hire us… The Great Canadian Bucket List is a book/website by Robin Esrock and launched this week. Be sure to catch him on his cross-Canada tour…

  2. Aline Le Blanc says:

    Unfortunately this is not a very original idea as I believe Robin Esrock had prior art with his book. My kudos go to Robin for his continued great work.

  3. Skelly Willigogs says:

    Heh not cool guys! I came here thinking this was Robin Esrock article and it turns out its just a rip off. Not cool at all.

  4. Adam Dooley says:

    I don’t see a byline for Robin Esrock, who is the author of The Great Canadian Bucket List http://www.canadianbucketlist.com/. It would be nice if Where could come up with its own ideas, titles, etc.

  5. Evan O'Connor says:

    This article is stolen from robin esrock. Nice try.

  6. joanna_haugen says:

    This concept was created by Robin Esrock. Please check in with your journalistic integrity and give him credit where credit is due.

  7. digitalkvan says:

    Total loss of credibility. This clearly is ripping of Robin Esrock and his book The Great Canadian Bucket List. Shame on you. I am not a fan, and will discontinue coming to this website. Shame on all of you.

  8. Gord Vaadeland says:

    Ripped off! Sad! Visit http://www.canadianbucketlist.com/ for the real deal…

  9. Lisa Costantini says:

    Please tell me we are not out of original ideas in this world. If we are, I might just have to go throw myself out of a helicopter in British Columbia… and ski down the side of a mountain — an idea given to me by ROBIN ESROCK!

  10. karen m says:

    Its great that Robin Esrock came up with this idea for you- I wonder what other articles and stories you have taken from people who have worked so hard to get them published

  11. Ben Kersley says:

    Like everyone else has said, visit http://www.canadianbucketlist.com/ for the real deal. Shame, Where Canada cant come up with their own idea.

  12. Meghan Graham says:

    This is lame, Robin Esrock’s The Great Canadian Bucket List is cool!

  13. Libby White says:

    What suspicious timing for such an article to be published the week of Robin Esrock’s The Great Canadian Bucket list book. Disappointed to see such a lack of ethical practice in play on Where.ca

  14. Lindsay HIll says:

    Bad karma guys, ripping off Robin Esrock, and not the first time. For the real thing: http://www.canadianbucketlist.com/

  15. Lena Katz says:

    Shady move, thieving Robin’s life work. In the age of Twitter and bloggers, you can’t ignore this and hope it will go away. The longer you wait to settle with him, the more you’ll have to pay.

  16. Lili says:

    Really? The same week The Great Canadian Bucket List launches? Shame on you. The lack of judgement, tact, and authenticity here is overwhelming. Shamelessly profiting from someone else’s hard work and credit is never acceptable. Period.

  17. Jenn Smith Nelson says:

    Robin has been working on the Great Canadian Bucket List for years – it’s a very well known fact. What I find appalling is not only the fact that you ripped it off but to do it as he just launched his book tour. Sad. Do the right thing and give credit where it’s due.

  18. Henrique says:

    Awesome article! I actually enjoyed it the first time I read most of these from The Great Canadian Bucket List by Robin Esrock – http://www.canadianbucketlist.com/ (book out on Amazon this week: http://www.amazon.ca/Great-Canadian-Bucket-List–Kind/dp/1771023015/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1376364247&sr=1-1 )

    Perhaps you may consider adding an “Inspired by Robin Esrock” tag/byline to this. It would be the decent thing to do….

  19. Rebbeca says:

    How pathetic that you guys had to ripped this off from Robin Esrock. No respect for your publication! He is such a great writer, you should at least acknowledge his work. Since you are unable to do so, here is his website: http://www.canadianbucketlist.com/. Next time you decide to write something, just google it first for God’s sake.

  20. Jon Shanahan says:

    Not that I ever read Where Magazine, but, owing to loyalty to my friend Robin Esrock, whose idea this clearly undercuts, now I never will.

  21. David Lindhagen says:

    Is this not a lift from an article I’ve already read on Esrock’s site?

  22. Mary Mondoux says:

    Not too original. Do you do research at all?? There is a book coming out already by Robin Esrock…
    And shark fishing????

  23. Chya says:

    Just shaking my head… Complete rip-off! Shame on you, especially as people who call themselves writers and journalists. Your blog owes a very public apology and recognition to Robin Esrock. Not cool!

  24. Peter says:

    do your homework before ‘writing’ another piece…

  25. Brad Kal says:

    You seem short on original ideas. Here’s one for you.

    How to rip off other writers stories. Oh wait.
    Seems you have that one covered

  26. matthewjfox says:

    I am the executive editor of Where.ca. I respect the comments section on this website as a place for readers to voice their opinions, however, Where.ca will not tolerate personal and cruel attacks on our writers or members of our staff. All such comments have been—and will continue to be—removed.

  27. Jarrod Levitan says:

    This is unethical journalism at it’s best. Giant fail. For the real story and details go here http://www.canadianbucketlist.com/ and buy Robins Esrocks book here: http://www.amazon.ca/Great-Canadian-Bucket-List-Kind/dp/1771023015

  28. leehammond99 says:

    Charlatans with a magazine customer subscription base. Not good. Instead kudos to Robin. Keep up the impressive and always inspiring journalism, Robin Esrock!

  29. Gord Vaadeland says:

    matthewjfox, fair enough. Personal attacks are never acceptable. However, in making your appearance here, you missed a perfect opportunity to apologize to Robin and canadianbucketlist.com on behalf of Where.ca for this obvious lack of journalistic integrity, or at the very least, for a serious and unfortunate lack of judgement. This is also unacceptable. Word of advice…you can’t dig yourself out of a hole. Admit the error, give credit where credit is due and either remove the article, or direct readers to the original idea.

  30. Rachel Rothbart says:

    You would know something about personal attacks. How absolutely shameful. Remove or apologize.

  31. Rebbeca says:

    You seriously have a lot of time in your hands to reply to comments on a blog. Why don’t you use your time to train your writers to do their research and bring us fresh and new articles. Oh, I hope you don’t delete this comment, it’s not personal! I’m just voicing my frustration with your publication and the fact that an executive director find that there is nothing wrong with replying to readers in such unsophisticated and arrogant manner. I hope you can understand this one day, when you mature professionally.

  32. Guest says:

    My post was removed, so I’m rephrasing it. Hopefully you can see my point. Yes, personal attacks are unfortunate and should be deleted. Nevertheless, as a reader I’m offended by the article being a rip off firstly and secondly, by how arrogant of your executive director to come in here with his personal comments. I’m just looking for the professionalism here. If you find necessary to delete comments, so be it. If you find necessary to let us know that you were going to delete comments, so be it, but please do it in a professional manner. You don’t have to announce to the world your title, it feels like bulling and intimidation. And frankly, a waste of time on your part.

  33. Ch3rry says:

    Many of those are also a “thing” on other countries.

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